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Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Kanchenjunga Trek is a remote trek in Nepal and lies in the east part of Nepal. Mount Kanchenjunga is the third highest peak in the world is standing as less explored and the least known. The Kanchenjunga base camp is the best choice for adventurers lovers. As a result, For real challenges in the less-traveled region located in Eastern Nepal the border of Nepal and Sikkim. You will pass through the majestic Himalayas and waterfalls, thickets of rhododendron as well as highland forests.


During the walking trails, we will get the best hospitality of different ethnic groups, and encounter various highland flora and fauna. This Kanchenjunga region is the thrilling place of Nepal. It is the gift of the Earth full of alpine grasslands, rocky outcrops. With dense temperate, sub-tropical forests, and low river valley.


A long way, the Kanchenjunga trek trail commences from Kathmandu and the nearest road and airports are also long from the mountains. Our 2 weeks trek starts from the intensively cultivated hillsides of the Nepal Midlands. There live the Rai and Limbu, tribes. Towards the peaks of Jannu and Khabru and the high wall of Kumbakarna. Kanchenjunga, and Rathong, passing on the way through some of the most beautiful high mountain scenery.


Key features of Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

  • Dramatic views of the mountains and surroundings
  • Peaceful exploration of the perfect mountain wilderness
  • High mountain cultures untouched by the modernity
  • Pristine nature and beautiful surroundings throughout
  • Explores the region of the third highest mountain in the world
  • Ideally suitable for long trekking adventure lovers

Day 01: Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to the land of pure mystic and spirituality. Our representative will greet and warmly receive you and support you with the transportation to transfer you to your respective hotels.


Day 02: Sightseeing for a full day in Kathmandu Valley.

World heritage sites like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhu Nath, Boudha Nath, Pasupati Nath, etc. Preparation for the trekking.


Day 03: Fly Kathmandu to Bhadrapur and drive Taplejung (1,820m)

We will pick you from the hotel and you will board a domestic flight to the Bhadrapur airport with your guide in the morning. Located in the lowlands of Terai, Bhadrapur is a bustling city with a mixture of culture and lifestyle. After a brief stop here you will take a bus taking you to Taplejung. Stopping in various places, you will pass by the iconic and picturesque tea garden of Ilam. Similarly, we will also drive by and take our lunch in one of the major commercial bazar areas driving to Taplejung. This adventure-packed ride on a hill highway gives you fantastic views of a long chain of green hills expanding to the horizon. After reaching there in the evening we will rest for the day. Overnight at a lodge in Taplejung.


Day 04: Trek Taplejung - Mitlung (921m)

Today is the first day of your Kanchenjunga trek. After an early breakfast, we will have a smooth and scenic walk of about 5 hours to Phurumbu on this day. Following the banks of Tamor River, we will walk beside the terraced farmlands and thick jungles. The ascent is gradual with some of the best walking trails of this segment. Stopping in one of the midway villages here, you can try some local food. You might also spot some of the rare animals and beautiful birds as you get near Phurumbu. Phurumbu village constitutes of close houses made up of wood and tin roof like most others you will find in this trek. Overnight at a lodge in Mitlung.


Day 05: Trek from Mitlung - Chirwa (1,190m)

We will trek to Chirwa village today. As we enter the middle hills, we can experience the dominance of ethnic Rai and Limbu communities along the region. The trail passes through the wonders of middle hills along the valley. We will walk past different beautiful villages, forest areas, and crop fields along the trail. The walk today is a beautiful mix of culture and nature in the region.


Day 06: Trek Chiruwa - Sukethum or Sekhathum (1,585m)

We will pass by multiple Tamanig, Rai, Gurung and Sherpa villages to reach from Chiruwa to Sukethum today. After a warm tea and breakfast, we will begin the trek gradually downhills beside the Tamur river. From here the path starts to gain elevation and passes by some thick sub-tropical jungles. After a couple of hours, we will reach the plains of OlangchungGola. OlangchungGola is a historic village and once was significant as the strategic location for the trade routes of Nepal, Tibet, and Sikkim. The Word Gola translates locally as a market or bazaar and this settlement was a major commercial center for different villages scattered in the region. We will have our permits checked here as from the village we will be entering the restricted regions of the Kanchenjunga conservation area. We will walk for a couple of hours or so beside the GhunsaKhola and finally reach Sukethum. Overnight at a lodge in Sukethum.


Day 07: Trek Sekathum - Amjilosa (2,490m)

The trek today will take you around 6 hours, including a break for lunch. Remember there is only one tiny tea shop at Jaubari and no other place to eat in between Sekathum and Amjilosa so don’t forget to have something at Jaubari!. Right after you cross Ghunsa Khola it is uphill climb to Amjilosa. This is the most difficult part of the day and takes about 4 hours. Now you will appreciate you had at least a cup of tea and snacks at Jaubari! Also remember to carry enough water for the whole day as you may not be able to get any on this route. Amjilosa is approximately 700 m higher than Sekathum and has only two small teahouses at the time of writing this.


Day 08: Trek from Amjilosa - Gyabla (2,730m)

Today is relatively easy and involves only 4 hours of walking. Gyabla is at 2,730 m (400 m higher than Amjilosa). When you arrive you may think this village is a tiny one, but in actual fact the main village is hidden by the ridge to the west of a lodge on the main trail.


Day 09: Trek from Gyabla - Ghunsa (3,430m)

We will trek to the elevation of over 3,000 meters above sea level today. The increasing elevation will take us through different vegetation than in the lower region. We descend and ascend the trail through fir and rhododendron forest and Phale village to Ghunsa village to stay overnight. Ghunsa is the largest village in the region and has the Sherpa settlement.


Day 10: Acclimatization and rest day (3,730m)

So, what can you do on this acclimatization day? It is always said ‘trek high, sleep low’. So here you can trek to the viewpoint west of Ghunsa which is at almost 4,000 m. This is a 4 or 5 hour round trip but here is a great aerial view of Ghunsa and Phole. You can also see the trail towards Sele Pass and Pang Pema. The other reason for trekking up to the viewpoint is that the best way to acclimatize is to follow that rule of trekking high, sleeping low so by going up and coming back down to sleep in Ghunsa, your body is getting used to higher altitudes.


Day 11: Trek from Ghunsa - Kambachen (4,150m)

Kambachen is a beautiful small settlement north of Ghunsa. Although the trail itself is relatively easy and takes around 5 hours, the altitude makes it harder and take longer than if you were walking at low altitude. Remember, at altitude, particularly in the Nepal Himalaya, everything is further than it looks! Also, since Kambachen is 600m higher than Ghunsa.


Day 12: Trek from Kambachen - Lhonak (4,790m)

We continue our walk toward the higher elevation. The trail descends and ascends to Lhonak today. Crossing different rivers and riverbed, we eventually emerge into the village of Lhonak where we are going to stay overnight. We will enjoy the view of the mountains and glaciers as we walk along the trail past Kharkas and settlements.


Day 13: Trek from Lhonak - Pang Pema Base Camp (5,160m).

The walk today will take us to Pang Pema Base Camp to reach the highest overnight camp of the adventure. We follow the rocky trail to the destination. The trail brings fantastic views of the mountains as we trek along towards Pang Pema Base Camp to stay overnight at the elevation of 5,160 meters above sea level.


Day 14: Trek from Lhonak - Ghunsa (3,427m)

We will walk back to Ghunsa village by the same trail as before from Lhonak. We will have steep descents for most of today. Passing by Ramtang and Kambachen we will make our lunch stop in one of the midway settlements. After a steep descent following the village of RumbukKharka, we will walk beside GhunsaKhola for a couple of hours and reach the Ghunsa village in the late afternoon. Overnight at a lodge in Ghunsa.


Day 15: Trek from Ghunsa – Sele La or Selele Base Camp (4,200m)

We have a short walking day of about 5 hours composing of a steady climb to Selele base camp from Ghunsa village. Starting the walk by a series of prayer flags we will cross the GhunsaKhola and continue on the trail. Passing by some of the high pasture lands we will make a steep climb to reach the base camp of Selele. After reaching the base camp we will prepare for the passing day tomorrow. Overnight at a lodge in Selele base camp.


Day 16: Trek from Selele Base Camp to Tseram or Cheram (3,870m)

We will start the day early to do the Sele La Pass to the village of Tseram today. As one of the longest days in the trek, we will rest and walk steadily today. The first part is a steep and rocky climb to the Sele La Pass from the base camp. We will do up to four high passes today starting from the Sele La. If the weather permits, we will have a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains and even Mt Everest in the distance sometimes. After Selele pass we will walk pass the Sinion La pass. Stopping briefly in the base of Mirgin La pass we will continue the walk and do the final pass of today as the Sinion La or Sinelapche pass. An hour or so of a steep downhill walk from the pass we will reach Sinelapche Bhanjyang and finally the village of Tseram. Overnight at a lodge in Tseram.


Day 17: Tseram - Oktang 4730 m - Ramche (4,580m)

We will have a short trek to the village of Ramche which is the gateway to the southern base camp of Mount Kanchenjunga. The trek starts in the base of Yalung glacier and to the Lapsang village. We will have a relaxed and easy walk from there to Ramche talking about a couple of hours. After some rest in Ramche, we will start our walk to the base camp. After a few steep ascents, we will reach Oktang, the southern base camp of the Kanchanjunga. Despite being in a lower elevation compared to Pang Pema, Oktang equally has some amazing shades of Kanchanjunga and surrounding mountains. After some sightseeing and picture sessions, we will return to Ramche and rest for the day. Overnight at a lodge in Ramche.


Day 18: Ramche – Tortong or Torongdin (2,995m)

We will descend from Ramche to Tortong or Torongdin today. Being round or circuit trek we will be taking a different route back to Taplejung and the new route will start from the Tseram village. We will stop briefly at Tseram for lunch. Enjoying the views and landscape we will follow the SimduwaKhola to Tortong. We will descend further towards the late afternoon and reach the village of Tortong. Overnight at a lodge in Tortong.


Day 19: Tortong - Yamphudin (2,080m)

We will start the day with a beautiful sunrise from LasiyaDanda. Our trek of today is comparatively shorter to Yamphudin. After a short drop to LasiyaBhanjyang, we will follow the AmjiKhola to Chitre. We will have our lunch break here and then follow the trail to Yamphudin village. Yamphudin is one of the main villages of the region connecting different villages around the area. The descent is gradual and at the end of the day, we will have moved down over 1000 meters to reach Yamphudin. Overnight at a teahouse/lodge in Yamphudin.


Day 20: Yamphudin – Phumphe Danda (1,858m)

The trek from Yamphudin to PhumpheDanda is continuously descending through a sub-tropical forest. For the first part of today's trek, we will walk beside the terraced farmlands. Passing by small settlements, we can have a near view of the lifestyle and farming techniques in the hills. The trail goes beside small streams and rivers and rises a little nearing PhumpheDanda. PhumpheDanda is also one of the popular local destinations for sightseeing. Overnight at a lodge in PhumpheDanda.


Day 21: Phumphe – Sinchewa or Kande Bhanjyang (2,129m)

We will wake up early for a beautiful sunrise view from Phumphe Danda. After some warmup and breakfast, we will start the trek to Sinchewa Bhanjyang today. Following the trail beside the KabeliKhola, we will start our walk to Sinchewa Bhanjyang. Stopping in the midway settlements we can some more adventure in the Hilly trails and forest. Nearing Sinchewa Bhanjyang we will have a bit relaxed trail. We will rest for the day after reaching Sinchewa Bhanjyang in the late afternoon. Overnight at a lodge in Sinchewa Bhanjyang.


Day 22: Sinchewa Bhanjyang - Lalikharka (2265m)

From Sinchewa Bhanjyang, we will continue our walk descending to LaliKharka. We will have a light walk throughout this stretch enjoying the trail and the surrounding views. After reaching Lalikharka towards the late afternoon, we will rest for the day there. Overnight at a lodge in LaliKharka.


Day 23: Lalikharka - Suketar (1820m)

We will walk the last stretch of the Kanchenjunga trek walking to Taplejung today. The walk is about 4-5 hours long and you can enjoy nature and landscape throughout the trail. Mostly descending the ridges and walking in wide trails we will reach Taplejung in the afternoon. After reaching Taplejung, rest for the day. Overnight at a lodge in Taplejung.


Day 24: Fly Suketar to Kathmandu

As the flight to Kathmandu is short you will have some time to spare in Kathmandu. Explore the markets of Thamel and look for some souvenirs to take back. You can choose some fantastic handicrafts, organic products, and many different goods in the extensive market here. Join us for a farewell hotel where we will treat you with different Nepali cuisine. Overnight at the hotel in Kathmandu.


Day 25: Departure (Farewell)

Today is the end of your Trek. You will be dropped at the International airport 3 hours before your flight time by our representative. We hope you had a great time with us. Thank you, and have a safe journey.



Note: This itinerary is meant only as a guideline and is subject to change to suit the local conditions. Walking hours are based on an average walking pace and may change as per individual pace.

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